Friday, March 2, 2012

Where All the Lights Are Bright

Things overheard or said to me in downtown Baltimore.

A sharply dressed man: I don't do butterflies, 'cause I don't wanna look like those gay guys. They use that as a global code, you know? Even though in some cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation.

A woman carrying a large number of bags:
Her: What time is it?
Me: Ten o'clock.
Her: But is it going on twelve?
Me: ...It's ten o'clock.

A very energetic woman: Son of a sea serpent!

A man buying a rabbit's foot:
Him: A lot of places don't sell rabbit's foot anymore.
Me: I guess there must not be much demand for them.
Him: In Virginia, where I'm from, people kill rabbits and keep the rabbit's foot. They wash the blood off.

A man wearing many necklaces: Blue swan, blue swan, blue swan....

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